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US Peace Deal with the Taliban: An Ethnic Dimension

Akram Gizabi The US deal with the Taliban has had several dimensions but one dimension that is overlooked is the ethnic or tribal one. All sides involved in promoting the deal, have had an element of the ethnic contribution that…

They Are Thriving After Years of Persecution but Fear a Taliban Deal

KABUL, Afghanistan — Daoud Naji was a student in the northern Afghan city of Mazar-e-Sharif during a massacre of members of his ethnic Hazara minority in 1998. He remembers digging tunnels to hide terrified families during a Taliban killing spree that left…

Ibrahim, 45

Hazara people are very talented, hardworking and resilient, if the opportunity is available to them, they can succeed and thrive

Zainab, 57

I want to be a role model for Hazara people and let people of the world know who we are and how much we have suffered

Fatima, 67

“From the day I entered school, because I was one of few Hazara, I faced consistent discrimination.” When armed extremists entered her Hazara community, Fatima had to leave with only two of her children. Separated from the rest of her…

Hassan*, 64

“We share our stories but we want to know how our stories will help our situation.” It was while Afghanistan was still under communist rule in the 1970s and 1980s that Hassan first feared for his safety. His uncle and…

Nasrin, 30

“Hazaras are talented. This pain helped us to grow…we are not what they think.” Nasrin’s family fled to Iran in the 1980s following persecution in Afghanistan. As a refugee, Nasrin faced regular harassment. “Hazara people are distinguished based on their…

Mirza*, 35

“I had to make a decision to go to jail, die, or leave Afghanistan.” For decades, Hazaras faced laws and rules that dictated their livelihoods. For Mirza*, he knew this struggle too well. “We couldn’t get an education, couldn’t get…

Nadira, 57

I hope to give more opportunities to those who don’t have the opportunity to be Canadian. To make this beautiful home their home too

Najibullah, 57

They took my father-in-law, son-in-law, cousins, children, and me