The Republic of Silence

Republic of Silence is an online media platform that promotes Freedom of Expression in Afghanistan with a focus on Human Rights, Art and Culture, Women’s Participation, Social Inclusiveness, Ethnic and Religious Minorities, Political Pluralism, and Democratization in Afghanistan.

Its name partly derives from the era of silence during which everyone goes into a phase of silence, a hibernal pause when silence overtakes everything. However, it is not the end, instead it is a time of concentration, thinking, and focusing.

The period of hibernal pause or the era of silence should actually be a chance of accumulating new energies, refreshing and regenerating. So, after this pause, it is time to wake up and regenerate, reinvigorate and reconstruct everything new with new vigor.

This media platform on the other hand symbolically represents the status of a people, known as one of the most persecuted people on earth, who despite historic oppression, still strive for change and progress: the “Hazara” community, who have often censored and kept in silence by authoritarian regimes in their home country.

The Republic of Silence is a space for ethnic and religious minorities who have never had the chance to express themselves, people who were condemned to silence for too long. Therefore, this media platform has been formed to represent these communities.

This platform promotes alternative and constructive ideas, debates, and dialogue among Afghanistani citizens within Afghanistan or abroad, in order to change the country for the better, by sharing our thoughts and insights.

Thus, we warmly welcome any productive ideas and suggestions that could help us enhance our outputs.

Please support us with your articles, stories, reportage, and videos.