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“We are the Walking Dead” Killings of Shia Hazaras in Balochistan, Pakistan

Summary They asked who the Sunnis were, asking for names. Then they told the Sunnis to run. We jumped and ran for our lives. But while they allowed everybody who was not a Shia to get away, they made sure…

Afghanistan: How Should be the Future Contour of the Polity?

Afghanistan does not have authentic data of its inhabitants. Again, the fear of the avoidance of the false narrative of “Majority-Minority”, being imposed by force. There is no realization that a thorough statistics of the population across the country is how much vital for the development and the provision of the basic service to the people in need. Therefore, Afghanistan needs the conduction of a fair census under the supervision of the UN.

Another Bystander to the Hazara Genocide

The Reports on International Religious Freedom provided by the US State Department is inaccurate and inconsistent — overestimating the Pashtun population. [5]The Hazara population are not on board with the Department of State’s statistical data and as a sign of protest, Hazaras have launched a twitter campaign on “#Whatstatisticswith.” to excoriate the State Department’s report on the Hazara demographics. (Twitter).

Pakistan’s Hazaras in the COVID Era

The already-marginalized ethnic community was blamed for the initial spread of the virus in Pakistan. How have they coped with the pandemic since then?

Documentary: History Of Hazara in Afghanistan Part 2
Documentary: History Of Hazara in Afghanistan Part 1
Are Afghanistan’s Hazaras marginalised?
Hazara History in Afghanistan
Hazara minority facing persecution in Afghanistan and Pakistan

A human rights activist, belonging to the Hazara ethnic group, has demanded an urgent intervention by the international community to protect the minorities facing persecution in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Speaking exclusively to ANI on the sidelines of the 43rd session of…

The Hazaras – Afghanistan’s oppressed minority

OFTEN when we hear about Afghanistan, words such as destruction, war, poverty, bloodshed and death are used to describe the country. Before the country’s civil war which began in April 1992, Afghanistan was blossoming and people of different ethnic groups…